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How to Care for your new tattoo

  • Tattoo aftercare is just as important as tattoo application, and we encourage our clients to be mindful of their responsibility in the process.
  • Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo
  • The bandage can be removed after 2-3 hours, but consult with your artist, as they may ask you to leave it on longer
  • Gently wash your tattoo with anti-bacterial hand soap 3-4 times a day, pat dry with a clean paper towel
  • For the first couple days, after washing and drying your tattoo, apply a SMALL amount of ointment on the area. A&D, Aquaphor, Lubriderm and Aveeno all work fine. Do not use Vaseline or petroleum jelly.
  • Your tattoo will begin to peel after a few days. This is normal. Don’t pick at it. At this point, start using a mild, white, unscented lotion. Do this for about 2 weeks.

Things NOT to do when you get a new tattoo

  • DO NOT pick, scratch, peel or rub your new tattoo.
  • DO NOT submerge the tattoo in water. You can shower, but no pools, beach or hot tubs
  • DO NOT allow for excessive sun exposure. If you know you are going to be in the sun, keep your new tattoo covered. Prolonged sun will damage even older tattoos, and can wreak havoc on a new one
  • DO NOT wear clothes that will rub or irritate the tattooed area.
  • Be cautious in general, try not to fall onto a prickly pear.

Take Heed of our instruction!

  • Failure to properly care for your tattoo can result in infection of the area. This is painful and harmful to the tattoo. Should you develop an infection, seek medical attention.

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