Do you do piercings?

No, at this time we do tattoos only

Does it hurt?

Everybody is different when it comes to pain tolerance. Some people even find the tattoo application enjoyable. But when considering how painful a tattoo will be, placement is one of the most important factors. Tattoos on your hands and feet tend to be more painful than on your arms or legs, for example. But you will be surprised how much less painful your tattoo experience will be than you expected.

How much does a tattoo cost?

The shop minimum is $60, but as complexity and size of your tattoo increases, so will the cost. That being said, the artists here are more than happy to work with your budget, and can set multiple appointments with you as your funds allow.

Should I tip my artist?

Yes. Tips are always welcome as a sign of appreciation to your artist. Tips range anywhere from 20%- 100% or more, but ultimately it is entirely up to the client on how much they want to, or can afford to tip.

Do you accept credit/ debit cards?

Yes, we take both cash and card.

How soon can I go swimming/ to the beach?

We recommend waiting AT LEAST 2 weeks before swimming, going to the beach, sitting in a hot tub or taking a bath. This is because these activities can significantly disrupt the healing process and make you more prone to infection. Taking care of your tattoo, especially in its early life, will result in a more lasting piece of art.

Can I get tattooed while pregnant?

Tattooing can affect an unborn child and we do not recommend getting tattooed until after you have given birth. We do not tattoo pregnant women, but would be more than happy to discuss your ideas and set up an appointment for after the child is born.

What if I need a touch-up?

Included in the price of your tattoo is one free touch up within 3 months of completion of your piece.

Can I drink before getting tattooed?

Alcohol thins your blood and can subsequently complicate the tattoo application process. Therefore, we do not recommend drinking before getting tattooed.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, we are more than happy to accommodate walk-ins. However, if you want a larger or more complex tattoo, your artist will ask that you leave a deposit and give them some time to adequately prepare for it. Keep in mind that the deposit is taken out of the overall price of the tattoo, and it guarantees your appointment with the artist.


We’re not trying to be cool but sadly there are only X amount of people that we can sling ink on in a day and reservations fill up quickly. If you want in, make a reservation today.

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